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Zero88 Alphapack Repair

  • Damaged Zero88 Alphapack

    Damaged Zero88 Alphapack

    The client reported the Alphapack was returned faulty from a hire.

Client: Neo Events
Task: Zero88 Repair
Skills: Electronics faultfinding
The client had hired the Alphapack to somebody for an event who returned the unit complaining it was faulty.

Preliminary inspection of the unit meant opening the case (essential to ensure that the mains cables internally are intact and safe) which revelaed the problem straightaway. The mains terminal on to the PCB was burnt and the heat generated had deformed the fuseholder. Unfortunately the heat had damaged the material forming the PCB so it was damaged beyond economic repair.

Further investigation by the packs owner revealed that the unit had been used on an outdoor event on a cheap generator with no voltage regulation. The resulting voltage swings had caused the mains terminal to overheat and so burn.