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Damaged Zero88 BetaPack 2

  • Damaged BetaPack 2

    Damaged BetaPack 2

    Heat damaged BetaPack 2 mains terminal

Client: Shrewsbury School
Task: Zero88 Repair
Skills: Electronics faultfinding Electronics repair
The customer had reported a 'fizzing' coming from the Zero88 BetaPack whilst in use and occassionally the unit caused a breaker to trip

Preliminary inspection of the unit revealed the fault straightaway - one of the live terminals in the unit had burnt. This had been caused by the bolt securing the mains cable to the terminal not being tightened properly - in use and under load, the terminal had arced causing heat build up.

The problem had been there for some time but fortunately the PCB material was only slightly damaged and was capable of supporting a replacement terminal. If the unit had been inspected internally in-situ during the schools own periodic testing - or at another interval by a service technician like me, the problem would have been found sooner.