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Have you suddenly realised your sound equipment or instruments needs PAT Testing? Did you get booked for a DJ gig in Coventry or the West Midlands and the rider or promoter asks for current Portable Appliance Test certificates? Did you get a phone call or eMail from the venue a few days before your gig asking for your PAT test documents?

Having a Portable Appliance Test done on your musical equipment is about as exciting for most performers and entertainers as watching paint dry – slowly. Nowadays more venues and promoters insist that your gear is tested before they’ll allow you to set-up and perform.

I’ve heard plenty of stories about bands being turned away from venues because their gear hasn’t been tested and in my time as a theatre chief electrician I’ve stopped people using dangerous extension leads and equipment. I’ve also heard of equipment being ‘failed’ by PAT testers who don’t know what they’re testing and I’ve even repaired some kit damaged during the test!

I provide a no-nonsense service for entertainers, based on a fixed price. Having over 40 years experience in theatre as an electrician and technician I understand music equipment and what it is used for, how it is used. This means your equipment won’t be failed because I don’t understand it! I also use a Seaward PAT tester and not just a multimeter with a couple of pieces of ratty cable!

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